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Sunburn on face can appear on both side or one side of the face, most times on the cheeks. It always appear black or red on the cheeks or under the eye.

A lot  of women in Africa suffer from sunburn on face mostly because of the harsh weather condition caused by the sun and the use of chemical based products on face. 

Most Women try to get rid of sunburn using harsh chemical base Products which end up making it worst.

 My advice is if you notice sunburn on your face, avoid chemical or alcohol based  products because it only makes it worst and take a longer time to fade when you start using the right treatment.


. SPF Sunscreen

Always apply SPF sunscreen Products on the affected area before going out to protect the skin against UVB rays which may cause more damage to the skin.

. Aloe  Vera 

 Aloe vera gel is another best remedy to use on face sunburn as it has healing properties which will help fade the sunburn gradually. To apply, take a little portion of aloe vera gel, apply on the affected area at night before bed, carry over night and wash off in the morning. Do this daily till the sunburn fade away.

. Tumeric

Tumeric powder  have anti-inflammatory properties that helps with allergies and treats uneven skin tone, it also smoothen and Brighten up the skin naturally. To apply take a tablespoon of Tumeric powder and half table spoon of rice powder, dissolve with rosewater or distilled water,

 apply on affected area, leave it on for 30 mintues wash off, Do this twice daily till sunburn clears out completely.

. Red Palm Oil

This may come as a shock to  some people but yes Red palm oil is very effective when it comes to treating sunburn , It's highly concentrated with antioxidants, Vitamin E, and healthy fats which helps in healing the skin.  To apply take  a little portion, apply on the affected sunburn area, leave it on for an hour for it to penetrate deep into your skin to help heal from the base up, wash off, repeat this daily for fast result.

. Lavender

Lavender Oil contains anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties which helps relieve skin inflammation, allergies and burns, this will protect the sunburn area and help it heal quickly. Apply on affected area to help repair and heal the sunburn.


Mixing your own facial sunburn cream is easier if you already have a Base cream but if you don't follow the easy steps am about to share below.


1 table spoon Emulsifying wax

1 table spoon beeswax

1 table spoon shea butter

1 table spoon Red palm oil

2 table spoon Aloe vera gel

10 drops lavender oil

Sunburn face cream


Get a clean sterilized bowl, pour all the oils, waxs and butter into it, Using a double boiling method, at low heat, place the oils, waxs and butter into it, stir it as it melts. When it's completely liquid, remove from heat, and add in the lavender oil.  Allow it to cool a bit then add  the Aloe vera gel, stir or whisk well and pour into a sterilized container.

If you already have a Base cream,

 Take 3 table spoons of Base cream

1 table spoon Red palm oil

3 table spoon Aloe vera gel

10 drops lavender oil


Get a clean sterilized bowl, pour in all the ingredients and mix well then pour into a clean container, apply on affected area twice daily, Store your cream in the fridge.

Apply on affected area twice daily, this sunburn cream also clear dark eye cycle.

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