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If you are suffering from dark Knuckles, dark feet and dark spots this is for you, we have put together the best ingredients that will help you get rid of it fast.
  People who have dark Knuckles, and dark spots are always uncomfortable with their skin, less confident and have low self-esteem, in Nigeria my home country, most dark Knuckles and spots are caused by bleaching creams but the truth is dark Knuckles are not only caused by bleaching creams, it is formed due to dead skin cells, excessive friction and activities carried out by bones of the fingers. Such activities include washing with chemical based detergent, some medication we take and sometimes it can be hereditary.


To clear dark Knuckles, dark feet and dark spots permanently, there are Natural home remedies you can use that have no side effects and are not harsh to the skin.

1. Tumeric and sugar scrub
To mix this, take 1 table spoon of tumeric powder and 2 table spoon of sugar, add 2 table spoon of water, mix well and pour into a clean container. Gently apply on dark Knuckles, dark spots or dark feet, leave it on for 30 mintues then wash off, do it daily, you will notice it clearing gradually.

2. Baking Soda
Take 1 table spoon of baking soda , mix with water  to form a paste, apply on affected area, for 20 mintues then wash off. Do this twice daily for fast result, this will help lighten affected area naturally.

3. Lemon Juice
Extract the lemon juice into a bottle container, use cotton ball to apply on the affected area twice daily.

4. Orange peel
Cut out the orange peels, dry them and grind into a powdered form. take 1 table spoon  from the powdered orange peels, add water to form a paste and apply it on the affected areas. leave it on  for 30 minutes and wash off. Follow up treatment till it fades away.

5. Carrot oil
Carrot oil is very effective on dark Knuckles, dark spots and dark feet
Apply carrot oil on the affected areas 3 to 4 times daily.

When practicing any of these home remedies, avoid chemical base products.


When mixing dark Knuckles cream, always make use of Natural organic ingredients, that lighten the skin naturally. Example of such ingredients are: 

. Kojic acid: This is obtain from various types of fungi, it has antioxidants properties that help fade dark Knuckles as well as dark spots.

. Arbutin: This is extracted from the bearberry plants, it's very safe for all skin types and help even skin tone.

. Niacinamide (vitamin B3): This lighten and smoothen up skin, clear blemishes including dark Knuckles and dark spots.

. 3 table spoon Base cream
. 1 table spoon kojic acid powder
. 1 table spoon Arbutin powder
. 1 table spoon Niacinamide powder
. 1 tea spoon preservative(phenoxy ethanol)
. Fragrance (optional)

In a clean sterilized bowl,  pour in the base cream, in another container dissolve the Kojic acid with drops of water and stir it into the base cream, mix well, next pour the arbutin and Niacinamide powder whisk well till the powders dissolve probably, lastly add preservative stir or whisk well. Pour it into a clean container.

After, mildly scrubbing the affected area and washing off, apply the cream on top of the dark spots, dark Knuckles or dark feet.
Do this twice daily for fast result, when doing this avoid chemical based products or else  the treatment will not work and  it may even worsen the dark areas by making it darker and uneven.

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